I need my car!

We understand what your car means to you and your busy lifestyle. To make it easy for you to maintain and repair your car we provide lots of flexibility.

  • Early bird drop off. Simply bring your car to us at 2527 8th Ave. Greeley and you will find our drop off box on the front of our building. Inside are convenient envelopes, just state the nature of the problem you are having or check the maintenance service you need. Provide us with contact information especially a phone number where you can be reached. Sign the envelope authorizing us to proceed. Lock your vehicle. Place your keys inside the envelope and place the envelope in the mail slot in the office door.

  • Ride To Home Or Work. We would gladly give you a ride to work or home when you drop off your vehicle.

  • Coupon for the person who gives you a ride. If you are able to arrange a ride with a friend or coworker we would be happy to reward them with a coupon for helping us provide you with convenient superior service.

  • Our "Hate to Wait" program. The easiest way to have maintenance done is to take advantage of our hate to wait program. We will come to your home or business and pick up your vehicle, perform the required service, and return your car back to you seamlessly while you go about your daily routine. Don't waste another Saturday call and schedule this 970-351-7665.

  • Rental or Loaner cars available. Most of the repairs and services we perform are done in 1 to 2 days. For those that take longer. We have loaner cars available for some services. We could also arrange a rental car at reduced rates.