Our Customers Say It Better Than We Can.
“Very well satisfied with service and their personal interest in their work. I appreciated the De-Carbonizing service of combustion chamber that was performed at my last oil change. Very good performance on my vehicle after this job. I will recommend their work.”

Herb Hedlund

“I believe I receive outstanding service at a fair price”

Allan D. Obert
Professor, Aims Community College
Valued Client over 10 years.

“I get information I need. I can then decide what I can afford at the time. You’re honest! You explain in detail each repair, the benefits and give accurate estimates, preventative maintenance tips and recommendations.”

Dana Huff
Machine Operator from Evans

"I am a senior citizen with severe osteo arthritis and its very difficult to walk. Advanced Auto Pro’s picked up and delivered my auto, did necessary work and had it washed and clean when it was returned and with a smile. Really made my day. It made me feel special for the extra effort Auto Pro’s provided at no extra charge.”

Ms. Marilyn Kuhlman

“I really like the print out that I get telling me what my car needs done to it. I like knowing before hand what it will cost. I especially like the confidence I have driving my car out of the shop. I trust Advanced Auto Pro’s. They are trustworthy, competent, and ready to help.”

- Thanks Alice Palacios for the kind words. We take your confidence in us very seriously.

Cal and Susan Murdock from Des Moines, Iowa sent us a post card after we repaired their 1992 Toyota Tercel. They wrote: Rick, Mark, and Trevor. “It was a GREAT day when we ‘stumbled upon your shop. Our yearly vacation in Colorado got started differently with Auto Problems. But you guys were great”

Nick Zamora writes that he appreciates our “excellent service and highly professional and qualified staff”. He enjoys our “level of sharing information and friendliness”. And he states he is “confident that I will always visit Auto Pro’s for car upkeep”.

Claire Barta has been a client for 8 years and she recently shared her thoughts with us. She wrote:
“This company has provided friendly, reliable service for my aging Honda. They are always upfront about what needs to be done to keep the car in good, safe, condition. The one impressive aspect of service at Advanced Auto Pro’s is their courteous, non condescending conduct to me as a woman, I really appreciate that!”

When asked what she received specifically from our business relationship she responded “First and foremost is having peace of mind that my car will function at its most efficient and safe level. The second thing (not in order of importance) is honest assessments of what needs to be done and the costs involved. Thanks!!”

“Advanced Auto Pro’s has my complete faith. They have performed prompt, cost efficient, and dependable service and repairs on all my vehicles. They recently did extensive work reconditioning and making my daughters Honda Accord roadworthy. They do not miss things in need of attention, and always stand behind their work. They provide “sound advice, even when asking questions about minimal versus maximum repairs necessary on older vehicles. They provided excellent service on my Ford Explorer as well."

Steve Hoffelt
Educational Consultant
& Loyal Client for 10 years